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Public higher education institution in midwest China

The University comprises 21 schools in 9 academic spheres, namely Art, Science, Law, Education, Technology, Business, Agriculture, Management and Music of 52 undergraduate programmes. Of our 980 staff members, there are 78 professors, 234 associate professors and 6 foreign teachers. 673 staff members have master's or PhD degrees. Currently the University has 16,066 full-time students and 7,100 part-time students.

The University is proud to introduce

Two provincial Key Laboratories
- the Laboratory of Research and Utilization of Ethnic Minority Ethnomedicinal Plants
- the Laboratory of Western Hunan Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants Exploitation

Four research centres
- Centre for Hunan Cultural Heritage and Translation
- Centre for Peace Culture Research of Hunan Province
- Centre for Ethnic Minority Medicine Research and Development
- Centre for Chinese Traditional Medicine Preparation Engineering and Quality Control etc

Three provincial experimental teaching facilities
- Tourism Management Practical Teaching Center
- Electronic Information and Communication Engineering Practice Center
- Music and Fine Arts Practical Teaching Center
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