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Application Information

Step 1-Submit Application Documents

1. completed Huaihua University Application Form for International Students

2. Passport information page & signature page

3. high school diploma and transcript

4. non-criminal letter

5. statement of student status and transcript from the university (Applicator does not need to submit it if he has no been admitted by the university. )

6. HSK 3 Certificate or above (Applicator for Chinese Language Courses does not need to provide it. Applicator for Bachelor's degree programs should provide it. )

7. a digital photo in passport size

* Please fill in the application form for international students on the computer.

* Please scan the above documents very clearly and send them to our email hhuio01@126.com , before application deadline. You should name your documents with your full name.


Step 2-Qualification Verification
It takes few days for the university to verify your application documents. Usually, qualification verification for the language program applicants usually is faster than the degree program ones.

Step 3-Admission Notice
The university will send out admission letter and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 form) in several days after the documents verification. So, be sure about the postal address filled in the application form is correct.

Step 4-Registration
Admitted students are required to be registered at university on schedule with the original copy of the admission documents.

Note: Students should enroll in the university within the registration period (specified in the Admission Letter). Otherwise, one will be deprived of the student status. Exception can be made to those who has informed the school of their specific reasons and whose delay has been permitted.


material list.pdf
Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (PDF, 86KB)

Huaihua University Application Form for International Students.doc
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