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Information presented on the Huaihua University International Office website is intended for those interested in learning more about the university, as well as for current students and staff. The central university offices and any associated departments/units have taken all reasonable care in producing these web pages, which we believe were accurate at the time of initial publication or last modification. However, circumstances do change over time and the International Office cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions. Users are advised to verify the details contained in these web pages with the relevant university office or authority before making decisions based on the published information.

This website contains information on the courses offered by the Huaihua University, which include undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The full terms and conditions on which the University makes offers of places on its courses, including those listed on its website, may be found in the relevant prospectus web pages. Please be aware that study programmes, facilities and services and the fees for such programmes, may be subject to change.

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